Over the years in my Family Law practice I have heard my new clients utter the words "I wish I knew that" countless times. Something as simple as waiting a few days to purchase something, or to pay off a debt; can cost you thousands of dollars in a divorce.  

Not understanding the implications of your actions in divorce can have an adverse affect in many aspects of your life, such as how you will allocate the time each of you will spend with your children, or whether you can retain assets, or keep your retirement...your actions can effect every aspect of life during divorce, and your life after divorce.  

Whether or not you are involved in a divorce, I provide consultations for child custody matters, support issues, property division, and domestic violence restraining orders.

You should be armed with strategic information before you take any steps when contemplating divorce. I will provide this strategic information to you, individually or as a couple. 

Divorce Mediation is the best choice if both you and your spouse can work together with my help and come to an agreement on all issues. Your entire divorce can be handled in my office. The paralegal on site will prepare all documents and file them with the court. You will not need to appear in court, you will have all issues settled and your divorce will be final. It is always better for the parties to make the decisions than for the court to decide for you. You will save thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to the attorneys in a disputed divorce.  I will inform you of the laws and rules every step of the way and ensure that the outcome reflects both parties wishes. Although you cannot avoid loss in a divorce since you have one household and now have to support two and if you have children you must share your time with them; I will help you to mitigate the damage so you can each move on with your lives with as little animosity between you as possible.  

Considering the breakup of a marriage through divorce can be intimidating and overwhelming as can child custody or property disputes. Emotions often cloud a person's judgment. When ending a marraige people often regret decisions they made once their emotions have leveled out. I will keep you on track and moving towards an outcome that is not a result of emotional upheaval. 

This is the right place to ask questions and obtain legal advice and direction from an experienced family law attorney.  
All relevant topics can be addressed, including but not limited to divorce preparation, finances, child custody, child support, parenting time, property division, retirement accounts, alimony (spousal support), and the effects of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.  I can help you resolve your matter in the least adversarial way possible while assisting you in protecting the things that are important to you. 

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